Cape Cod Gynecology Report: New information on post-abortion care

A Cape Cod gynecologist says she’s disappointed by the latest statistics in her practice, saying women who have abortions are getting a bad deal.

Dr. Jennifer Woods says in her Cape Cod practice, the number of post-abortive patients has doubled in the last five years.

The most recent report from the Cape Cod Health Care Agency shows an average of 12 patients per month, and Woods says that number is up to 20 a month now.

The report found that about 3,700 women have an abortion in Cape Cod in 2015, compared to 1,400 women in 2012.

Woods says she believes the rising number of women with post-miscarriage complications is due to increased awareness and improved care.

The majority of the women who are diagnosed with post abortion complications have undergone surgical intervention, Woods said.

“The number of procedures done to a patient has increased from less than 30 in 2012 to over 60 in 2015.

And there are no complications to report, and so we see an increase in patients who have post-injection complications,” Woods said in an interview with WLWT-TV.

The agency says in the first three months of this year, about 5,300 women had post-traumatic stress disorder and another 3,300 had post traumatic stress disorder related to childbirth, including anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Woods said her practice sees the number increase every time the numbers rise.

“So, we see that the number, the incidence of post abortion trauma, has gone up significantly.

So we’re seeing that increase,” Woods told WLWTV.

Woodes said she also thinks there’s more to it than that.

“So, for example, what I’ve seen with the post-partum depression is that a lot of women, if they have post partum depression, they’re not necessarily having the same symptoms of post miscarriage.

They’re having postpartum anxiety,” Woods added.

The National Center for Health Statistics also says that the rate of post birth trauma has increased.

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