Gynecologist uses GPS to help find patient in wheelchair

A gynecologist in Canada says he uses GPS technology to help locate a patient in a wheelchair.

The patient is in a rural area near Parkland, Manitoba, where he lives and works.

He’s a recent college graduate who says he was struggling to get a job in the area.

Gynecologist Chris Smith says he doesn’t know why the GPS system doesn’t work in the remote area.

Smith says it could be because of a lack of reliable data on the area and that he could not use it in the current climate.

“I would say we have very limited resources in the community and we’re not in the best of shape at the moment,” Smith told CBC News.

Smith says he’s now trying to work with the provincial health ministry to develop a plan to provide access to GPS for remote communities.

A spokesperson for the health ministry said they would need more information from Smith before they can provide access.

In Manitoba, the province provides health information to residents and businesses.

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