How to Protect Yourself From Manatee Gynecology Infections

Gynecological infection is a serious disease that can lead to kidney failure, blindness and even death.

But for some, the symptoms can be so severe that it can take hours to get treatment and even longer to return to normal activities.

Here are some tips to help prevent manatee infections and other issues related to the disease.


Wash your hands thoroughly after you bathe.

You can try to avoid washing your hands after you clean your body with soap and water.

The manatees are sensitive to soap and may scratch or bite your skin if you do not clean them thoroughly.


Clean your hands with warm water.

Wash with a clean, soft cloth to prevent the manateean from scratching you or biting your skin.


Wash in a well-ventilated area.


Avoid touching hands or objects that can get into your eyes, nose, mouth or mouth.


Do not touch your nose or mouth with your hand or fingers.


Wear a long-sleeve shirt and pants to prevent contact with manateese, their eggs and their waste.


Don’t wear glasses or contact lenses.


Wear sunscreen or face shields.


Wear long pants, loose-fitting clothing and long-jacketed hats.


Wear gloves to protect your hands and eyes.


Wear clothing that has no seams.


Don a protective mask to protect you from any possible bites.


Wear masks for the first few days after infection if you can.


Keep your temperature below 35 degrees F. 15.

Wash frequently with soap.

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