‘It was just the right thing to do’: Woman ‘disappeared’ after being raped by gang of men in a wake forest

A woman who was attacked and raped by three men in the wake forest has gone missing.

The woman, who did not want to be named, was walking along the shoreline of the Swan River in Westport on Sunday when she was accosted by three black men who forced their way into her home and assaulted her.

The group left the woman alone and fled on foot.

The three men were later arrested, but her whereabouts are unknown.

The attack happened just days after a woman was raped in the Swan, where two more women were raped on Sunday night.

The incident has reignited a national debate about rape culture and what the state can do to protect victims.

The Swan River is an iconic feature of the area, where young people go swimming, picnic and play on the beach.

In recent months, a number of young women have been raped in different parts of the town.

In July last year, a 21-year-old woman was attacked by three Asian men on a bus in Swan Village.

Police believe that she was attacked after she boarded the bus and was acculturated to them.

A number of other women have come forward to say that they were raped while camping in the area.

In May, two more young women were assaulted while camping by three groups of Asian men in Swan.

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