How to tell if a woman is pregnant

The health of your child is just one factor when it comes to determining whether you’re pregnant.

You also need to know your doctor’s opinion on when to test and how to take the test, the Mayo Clinic said.

Here’s how to know if your doctor has a favorable opinion of you and your health.


Your doctor’s diagnosis is likely correct 2.

Your test is clear 3.

Your results are normal or no more than 15 days late 4.

Your pregnancy test was positive 5.

You had a miscarriage 6.

You’re a new mom and you’re getting ready to go back to work 7.

Your partner is not pregnant 8.

Your friend or relative is pregnant 9.

You have a chronic condition such as diabetes 10.

Your health history includes heart disease, stroke, cancer and kidney disease 11.

You took birth control pills or a hormonal contraceptive 12.

You were diagnosed with HIV or hepatitis C 13.

You smoked cigarettes or alcohol while pregnant 14.

You smoke pot regularly 15.

You use alcohol while your pregnancy was ongoing.

What to expect When you get a test result, your health care provider can help you decide whether to get tested.

You’ll need to be able to answer the following questions: Are you currently using birth control?

Yes, every day

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