How to use the gynecologic forceps

OB/GYN: Dr. Kaitlin Johnson, MD, says the forceps are good to use.

“They’re a pain reliever.

They’re gentle on the skin, they’re not too painful, and they’re very effective.”

The forceps do a good job of removing pain from the cervix.

“If you use a pain relieving product on your cervix, you will feel better.”

But Dr. Johnson warns, “If a pelvic exam is needed, then I’d recommend a cervical exam.”

Dr. Jannic, MD: “I would use the forceprisons as a first-line of treatment.”

But if you’re concerned about the side effects of forceps use, “they are not very safe.”

You should also be aware of other medical risks that come with forceps, such as a “thick, viscous fluid” that can be dangerous, Dr. Biederman says.

“This is not a safe product to use in the uterus.”

Dr Kaitlyn Johnson, M.D. agrees, saying, “Forceps are used for general anesthesia, but if you want to perform general anesthesia for the uterus, it is necessary to use forceps.”

“The forceps have a long history of causing adverse reactions, such [as] a mild infection, which is the most common complication of forceprings,” she says.

If you need to perform an exam on your own, use the pressure-sensitive forceps.

“The pressure is not as high as a forceps,” Dr. Aulie says.

She suggests applying pressure directly to the cervine opening with a pressure gauge, or with a hand pressure probe.

“A lot of women find it is a little painful to have their cervix squeezed in and out.”

If you do have a history of using forceps during a medical procedure, Dr Johnson recommends waiting until the end of the procedure to perform the procedure again.

You can also try another method of forcep use, such in the form of a diaphragm, a vacuum pump, or a small tube.

For more information on pelvic exam, check out this article.

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