New Brunswick doctors who prescribe abortion pills may face disciplinary action

A Brunswick doctor who prescribed abortion pills to a woman with ovarian cancer may face criminal charges.

The Brunswick Journal reported that Dr. Darrin MacGregor of Piedmont Heights, N.J., is accused of prescribing the abortion pills in December.

MacGregon has been placed on administrative leave.

He has been charged with two counts of prescribing and administering a controlled substance without a prescription.

He was charged with the third count of dispensing a controlled drug in January.

The woman who died of ovarian cancer had taken two of the abortion drugs.

The drugs MacGregar prescribed to her were RU-486 and RU-594.

The pills were prescribed by another doctor at the same clinic.

The charges come after the woman was told about the charges last week.

The clinic has a reputation for its high quality of care.

The facility’s chief executive said it was “extremely disappointing” the charges came out, but that he would continue to fight them.

Macgregor, who is also a family medicine doctor, is not the first doctor to face criminal penalties for prescribing abortion pills.

In March, a Florida doctor was sentenced to four years in prison for prescribing the drugs to a patient who died in a Florida hospital.

Another Florida doctor pleaded guilty to the same charges in 2014.

A third Florida doctor, who has since been suspended by the state, pleaded guilty in January to two counts related to the prescription of the drugs.

It’s not clear what the charges would be.

In June, a New Jersey doctor was arrested after police discovered a syringe filled with the abortion pill pills he was selling.

He later pleaded guilty.

The NJ Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said the state attorney general’s office had begun an investigation.

A woman who was pregnant and who had used the pills to terminate her pregnancy said the pills were taken from her medicine cabinet.

The pill was prescribed by Dr. Matthew Sperling of Trenton, N, Nj., who is the son of Dr. William Sperring.

He is also charged with three counts of dispensation of a controlled dangerous substance.

The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office said it would review the charges and make a recommendation on whether or not to pursue charges.

MacSweeney is a former assistant district attorney in Brunswick.

He told the Brunswick Journal he has not seen any medical records or other evidence that suggests he was knowingly making the abortion-pill pills.

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