Which uva care clinics are safe to visit in New Delhi?

New Delhi: New Delhi’s new health commissioner has given the go-ahead to the city’s new uva clinic system, saying it is a “game changer” that will make India one of the safest places to get healthcare in the world.

Uvas are small, brightly coloured plastic bottles with small holes cut in the sides to allow for drainage.

The bottles can be filled with saline solution or blood.

The process can take up to two hours, but a doctor will use a syringe to insert a syringes cap into the opening.

Dr Ashok Kumar, who took over the reins of Delhi’s health department on Friday, said the new system would “give us the confidence” to treat people with acute and chronic illnesses.

Uva clinics have faced criticism for their safety and high costs, and the new scheme is expected to save lives.

“The idea is to allow uvas to be reused in a much more convenient way, and this will also help with the rise in the number of uvas being used,” said Dr Kumar, adding that uvas can also be used in pregnancy, to treat women with infertility.

“It will make uvas a viable option for people with cancer and other medical conditions,” he added.

The plan is to open two new uvas every week for patients with severe urethral diseases, who are typically unable to access other health care.

Dr Kumar said the uvas would be sterilised before being filled, and there would be no need for anaesthetics.

The Delhi uvas are a safe alternative to saline solutions and blood for people suffering from severe urethritis, urinary infections and urinary tract infections, he said.

The uvas will be sold at an average of Rs 25,000 ($5,300) each.

“The new uvas will also be safe to use for women with urinary tract infection,” Dr Kumar added.

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