Woman accused of killing husband to get child

Gainesville, Florida (CNN) — An alleged rape and murder plot to get a child out of the marriage of her husband, according to a new report.

Garden County Sheriff David Smith told CNN he doesn’t know why Jennifer Rolfe’s ex-husband, Michael Rolfes, is being charged with the crime.

“I do not know what the motive is, but we believe there is a crime here,” Smith said.

Rolfe is accused of murdering her husband and attempting to kill her child by placing a nail in his head, according with a Gainesville Sun report.

Roland Rolfez was arrested Monday on a murder charge.

He allegedly confessed to the crime but didn’t have any DNA evidence linking him to the case, according the newspaper.

According to the Sun, investigators said the investigation is ongoing and they would not release the name of the suspect until they are sure it’s the same person.

In addition to the murder charge, police said the couple had a relationship that ended in October 2015.

Investigators said the two have known each other for some time, and she has been diagnosed with mental illness.

Roode, 52, has been released on $1 million bond and will be in custody until the end of March.

His next court date is scheduled for March 18.

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