AubGym is the UK’s first and only gynecological surgery centre for women

AUBGym in London has become the first and first UK hospital to offer a full range of gynecologic surgery for women, and the first in the world to offer it in a clinic.

The first patient is Dr Rami Shah, a specialist in gynecologist-patient relations at the hospital, who is in her 70s.

The surgery is not just for the women but also for the staff who have to help them.

Dr Shah said the patients, who are all women, would be treated with respect and dignity, and that the staff would feel welcome at the clinic.

“It is a very special kind of treatment for the patients.

This is a first, it’s really something special.

It’s very special for a woman.

We’re not just treating women.

It is a woman’s treatment,” she said.

Dr Shah said she would have to make sure that there were no complications, but would make sure the patient had the proper medical care.

“We will work very hard to make this right.

We need to do this right, we are not going to give it to anyone.

The patients have to have the same care as everyone else,” she told ABC Radio.”

So we need to work very, very hard.”

Dr Shah, who has a long history of gynecomastia, said it was a common complaint in gyneco-surgery and gynecologists were usually reluctant to treat women because of the stigma.

“If you ask a gynecopath what it is they do, they will say they do not have the time.

But it’s still there,” she added.”

What is the problem?

What’s the problem with the treatment?

What is the need?

Why is it that this is something that has to be done?”

There’s a lot of stigma, so we need help.

It has to come from the patients.

“The first woman to be treated at the new clinic, Dr Shah said she had never seen so many women in one place.”

The first one I saw was a girl that had a bad tumour, and it took two years to get her to her own GP,” she explained.”

When we saw her, it was like, ‘OK, now you are a woman, now there is something to do.

You can go into the clinic, and this will make you feel more comfortable and confident.’

“Dr Shah explained that a large number of women have their gynecoscopic surgery in the past and it is a privilege to be able to give a woman the same treatment that was done to her in the clinic five years ago.”

You feel very confident, and you feel comfortable, and if you don’t feel comfortable or if you have problems, you can talk to your doctor and get some help,” she continued.

Dr Sharah said that the surgery was a very rare procedure in which women were given a much different type of treatment than men.”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before.

It was a first for us.

We have to do it differently, but we can do it.

“For women, it is very important.

I would say it’s the first time, that women are not just treated with a scalpel, they are treated with an instrument, and with this, the patients feel very comfortable, they feel comfortable,” she concluded.ABC/Wires

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