Jeff Sessions: ‘I am deeply sorry’ over US healthcare bill

Senator Jeff Sessions has offered his own apology after a controversial draft bill was released that would cut health insurance coverage for abortion providers.

Speaking at a White House event, the US senator said he was deeply sorry for the pain and suffering women and men had experienced as a result of the draft legislation.

“I know we have a difficult job ahead of us, but I’m deeply sorry.

It’s not a perfect bill,” Mr Sessions said.”

It does not reflect the people who worked tirelessly to craft it, it does not represent the people that care deeply about women and children.”

The Senate healthcare bill was rushed through in the early hours of Friday morning after it emerged from a committee last week.

Mr Sessions said he would have been better served had he been consulted before signing the bill, which had no chance of passing in the House.

“The American people did not get to see a draft of the legislation until late this morning,” Mr Session said.ABC/wiresTopics:government-and-politics,government-intelligence,world-politics-and

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