Which doctors will be in your GP practice in the next few years?

Two of the top 10 hospitals in New Zealand, Christchurch Hospital and Wellington General, have had some of the country’s most prolific and well-respected medical professionals leave over the past decade.

But the top two will be down to the latest medical research, according to a report released by a New Zealand think-tank.

The five leading doctors in New England have all left the country since 2010, including the countrys leading general practitioner and president of the National Association of Gynaecologists, Dr. Matthew Fagan.

“The changes in the health of New Zealand are going to be profound, and the impact on New Zealand’s health is going to have a long-term impact,” Dr. Fagan said.

Dr. Fagans report said the number of GP practices in New York, which has the country second in the world in GP numbers, is down by two in 10 years.

Meanwhile, the number and quality of general practitioners is declining in Australia, the report found.

More than half of the New Zealand GP population is currently being cared for by non-GPs.

New Zealand is one of the few developed countries in the developed world with no compulsory licensing.

Some doctors will also be able to practise outside New Zealand but not in New Jersey, where there is no GP licensing requirement, Dr Fagan told reporters.

“I think the pressure is on us in New Hampshire, where we have no mandatory licensing and no GP certification,” he said.

New Zealand’s top 10 GP practices:

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