Why we don’t have a vaccine for cervical cancer in the US

US health officials have said they are not considering a vaccine as an option for preventing cervical cancer.

They are instead looking at ways to stop the spread of the disease through a vaccine.

The announcement came after two large trials in the United States, in Utah and Colorado, failed to show a vaccine would work to stop cervical cancer spread.

In the Utah trial, a vaccine that blocks HPV 16 caused fewer infections and fewer deaths than placebo, according to the US National Cancer Institute.

In Colorado, researchers said they had not seen any difference between the vaccine and the placebo.

In a separate trial published this week in The Lancet, researchers in the UK and US reported they had been able to stop cancer spread through a small dose of a vaccine known as HPV16L1.

The vaccine has been around for nearly 40 years, but it was only available in the U.S. in 2010.

The U.K. trial showed the vaccine caused less infection than the vaccine itself, and the US trial showed no difference.

The Lancet trial was the first to demonstrate a vaccine worked.

In a separate study, published in the journal BMJ, researchers at the University of Cambridge also showed the HPV16 vaccine could stop cervical cell growth and make cervical cancer go away.

The United States is currently the only country in the world to not have a vaccination for cervical disease, and experts say it would take decades before a vaccine was approved for widespread use.

The CDC said it is reviewing all available evidence for the vaccine, and said it has made its decision to recommend a vaccine based on all available data.

The U.N. agency that funds medical research in the countries where it operates, the World Health Organization, has not yet decided on whether to approve the vaccine.

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