Doctors warn of ‘nightmare scenario’ for women after new GP practice opens in New York

New York City doctors say they are preparing to treat up to a third of women who come in for vaginal exams with “nightmare scenarios”.

The city’s department of health and mental health said it is preparing to launch an emergency consultation program to deal with the influx of new patients who have been unable to get a local OB-GYN.

“We’re working to make sure we can accommodate these women and ensure they’re not over-represented,” said Dr Jennifer Siegel, the city’s chief medical officer.

“Our first priority is to get the women seen as quickly as possible, but also to give them the care they need.”

Ms Siegel also warned that women with serious health conditions could be particularly vulnerable to “fear-mongering” by health care workers and said the city was not in the business of “trying to find the perfect solution” to the issue.

“If we get to that point where we are seeing more women, we have to get to a point where that’s OK, and we are going to make the best decisions for our patients and our city,” she said.

“But it’s not going to be overnight.

It’s going to take time.”

The emergency consultation process is one of several steps New York is taking to reduce the number of new OB-gyns operating in the city.

It is also one of the few instances where OB-Gynecologists are not allowed to practice in New Jersey.

New York is among the first US states to introduce an “emergency consultation” system to deal both with women who are unable to find a OB-gyn and women with health conditions.

The city has already announced it is closing five OB-Gyns and closing one gynecological practice.

But there is still a waiting list for OB-gyns to get their licenses, and in the meantime the city has shut down two other OB-health clinics in the borough.

In New York, there are now four OB-Doctors, all in the United States.

The state health department says there are nearly 1,400 OB-Care providers in the state, of which there are 2,500 in New Yorkers, and they provide more than 80 per cent of all gynecologists.

The city is also expanding OB-Medicare coverage to women with preexisting conditions, a move that will also see an increase in OB-medics.

The number of OB-Men in the US has also been increasing rapidly in recent years.

The first OB-Meds opened in New England in 2010, and the city now has nine OB-Medicines, which include three OB-Pharmacies, three OB Gynecologists and three OB OB-Obstetricians.

Meanwhile, Dr. David Schlesinger, who runs the City Health Department’s Emergency Medical Services Bureau, has said New York’s OB-Health department is “focusing on addressing the most vulnerable women and women in need”.

“Our OB-care workforce has been working for many years to improve our women’s health,” he said.

“The City Health department has been on the forefront of addressing the needs of women and girls in New Rochelle, New York.”

He said he was confident the city will be able to manage the situation with the “right number of doctors and nurses” and is confident that OB-Centres will “be able to meet the demand”.

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