The Mayo Clinic has released a new video series highlighting women’s health care professionals’ unique work and dedication.

The series, titled How to Save a Life at MCDC , was created with the help of a collaboration of MCDC’s doctors and nurses.

The goal was to highlight the different aspects of healthcare professionals who work closely with patients.

It was created to raise awareness about the unique care and caregiving skills of female doctors and medical students.

MCDC Doctors and Nurses shared their work-life balance and shared their thoughts on the issues that affect them and their patients.

They shared the story of one doctor who has made a difference in the lives of so many patients.

“It’s really cool to have these conversations,” said Dr. Sarah O’Brien, MCDC clinical director of family medicine.

“I think it’s really great to have people talking about it, and I think it gives people a chance to understand what our role is, what we’re passionate about, and what our expectations are.”

MCDC Medical Student, Dr. Elizabeth Matson, shared a different perspective on her role in her field.

“When I was a student, I was very much involved in the family medicine residency program, and that was really my first foray into the field of family health,” Dr. Matson said.

“My role in family medicine was as a primary care physician.

I worked with children and families.

I was an intern, and when I got to graduate I was kind of thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, I want to do more in the field.'”

Dr. O’Brian agreed.

“We want to see more women in the leadership roles in family health, but also to be able to offer the medical education that will allow them to help other women,” she said.

MCOVA and MCDC are continuing to add to the series.

Check back for more information on this series and to follow MCDC doctors and nurse work-Life balance at

“The work and commitment they have is incredibly rare, and it’s inspiring to see that the doctors and the nurses are doing the work that they love to do,” said O’Connor.

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