Why the Australian GP won’t go away

Why do we need a GP?

The Australian GP has been around for 150 years, and there’s a good chance you’re not aware of the existence of a particular type of GP.

It’s not a new idea.

The Victorian GP is the only one who doesn’t use a computer, and the reason for that is that the Victorian government hasn’t been willing to spend the money it currently has on new GP practices.

Weill Cornell Gynecology has a new computerised practice, and while we do provide online appointments and phone consultations, we’re not using a computer to do so.

Instead, we’ve got a “supercomputer” in which all our appointments are recorded and stored on a centralised server.

It all runs on the same servers and runs in parallel.

Every appointment is recorded on a computer that is connected to a central database.

This is where we store all our GP records.

When you need to see a GP, the system will upload the data to the central database, which we’ll then look at and take a snapshot of.

We’ll take a copy of it when you call, but the original GP record is kept in a file.

That file is encrypted, so the information on that file is not available to anyone.

Because the GP record isn’t on the central server, we have to send the GP a copy when we need to refer them to the next GP who is available.

And we also have to pay a fee for this privilege.

Why are we paying these costs?

There are two main reasons why we’re paying these fees: First, we need the GP records to be available to all patients who have an urgent need for them, and so we need these records to stay current.

The second is because the Australian Government has refused to fund new GP practice in the last 15 years.

What are the problems with GP records?

In order to ensure the integrity of GP records, we’ll keep them encrypted and not share them with anyone.

It will be kept secret, and only the person in the patient’s position who is entitled to it can access the records.

We can’t even give access to anyone who is not an Australian citizen.

So the GP will not be able to access these records unless they have an Australian citizenship.

In addition, we won’t be able access these GP records if they’re shared with a third party, and that third party will be able only to access the GP’s record.

How do we know what’s in the GP files?

When we need access to GP records from the system, we will have to call the primary care practitioner or a GP who has been appointed to the GP practice and ask.

Our primary care practitioners will then verify the information in the record by referring it to a database, and we’ll ask the patient to provide a name, date of birth, gender, and social security number for the GP to see.

If the information is correct, the GP may request that the records be shared with another GP who was appointed to a similar GP practice.

They will also have the opportunity to review the records and contact us if they need more information.

Will the GP be able at this stage to look at the GP file?

No, because the GP does not have access to the information.

We’re just taking the records, and keeping them in the central system.

I have a referral from another GP, can I use the GP?

No, because they’re a GP and they can only see the records of a GP.

You can, however, get access to other GP records that are part of the patient record, like prescriptions, and will not reveal the identity of the GP.

We may ask them to sign a form acknowledging that the GP is authorised to see the GP, but they won’t have access.

Is there a fee to be paid for accessing GP records at the moment?

It depends.

Some patients who are referred to a GP at the beginning of a process may be able take out a payment for the privilege, but if the GP isn’t satisfied with the results of the procedure, they may ask for the records to undergo a further audit.

Can I access GP records on my own?

You’re not entitled to the records if you are not a patient.

However, you can request to see them if you want them, so long as they aren’t stored on the patient records.

You can’t ask for them to be stored on your own.

Are the records confidential?

Yes, there is a requirement for confidentiality in the Victorian Government’s GP records system.

We don’t want to reveal confidential information, but we can ask a patient to sign confidentiality agreement if they feel they can help us understand the GP information.

If they sign that agreement, we don’t have to tell them who we are.

Do you have any information on who you are?

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