Why women may be more prone to premature births

Some women are more likely to become pregnant during a period of illness than others, according to new research.

Key points:More than 10,000 babies are born to mothers who died in hospital during the first five months of pregnancyIn Australia, women are less likely to be pregnant than menIn Australia alone, one in six babies born to women aged 25-29 is born prematureThe study also found that women with high risk of premature birth were more likely than those with lower risk to be carrying babies with a low birth weight.

It found that between 2010 and 2012, the number of babies born prematurely in Australia rose by 3.6 per cent in the first 5 months of the pregnancy.

But in contrast, the increase in premature births in women aged 50-59 was less than 2 per cent, the study found.

“Women who have high risk pregnancies are more often the mothers of premature infants,” said Professor Katherine Atherton from the University of Queensland’s Faculty of Health Sciences.

“This may reflect differences in risk factors for premature birth.”‘

A lot of people have heard about it’The researchers used data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Australian Birth Defects and Mortality Database (ABCDB), which collects data on hospital births from all over the country, to investigate how common these variations were in Australia.

“What we found was that women aged over 25 years were more than twice as likely to have a high risk pregnancy,” Dr Athertons said.

“When you look at that, you see a lot of women who have heard the news about it and the fear, the concern, the anxiety that they have about that pregnancy.”

We were able to find a lot more information about these women, but it was hard to tell exactly what was going on.

“Dr Athersons team used data collected by the ABCDB for its research.”

In Australia at least, we know that women who are older than 25 years, women who’ve been in hospital for some time, are at greater risk of pregnancy and have a higher rate of having a low-birth-weight baby,” she said.

Dr Aversons team also looked at data from NSW, where high birth weight is common and there is no longer a need for hospital births.”

The reason we were able do this study is because we knew that it’s common in NSW,” Dr Anson said.

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